‘You’ my dusky beauty

The moment I saw you I felt like a new poem has been written , but is still incomplete waiting to be completed by me only. In the midst of your memories I begin to actualize you in words coming from the core of my heart, but my soul was recklessly making it difficult to put you in words and screaming about the impossibility of words to actualize you.
I,  somehow,  convinced my soul to let my heart borrow some words from it so that I can have ‘YOU’ my dusky beauty with me.

When I feel you,  I feel shining is being sparkled on a lotus in fill moon night. I feel like fresh cool breeze coming perpetually from mountains and taking me to heaven with. Your voice to me seems like the utmost serenity of mid night creating a storm in my silent and alone heart. I feel your ubiquitous presence over my soul impossible to be set apart . After seeing you,  it feels like we are two half moon in the sky.

I laugh in you, I sing in you,  I think in you and I left me in you. Without you, my world seems incomplete devoid of a princess ruling over her Prince.
I constantly ask myself how can I live without you? it’s impossible to live without you.
Your fragrance make me feel like diving in a lake abundant with a lot of roses diluting in me.
With you I feel two souls have started their journey from the 20th lap of race course and they ended together happily  at the end.

I pray to live with you,
I pray to wakeup with you,
I pray to walk with you,
I pray to sing with you, 
I pray to spend my life with you,
I pray to get old with you,
Finally I pray to die with you holding your hands in mine.

At last,  my soul quarrelled with my heart over its failed attempt to actualize its dusky beauty in words. It,  now,  will never allow any borrowing of words to heart.


It’s all about you…

Till now I have been very strong but now my heart is broken en,
Till now I used to have galore of words to express my feelings but now I can’t even speak through words,
Till now I have seen you a lot but now the desire to be with you is on the extreme,
I don’t know what it is but I am sure that it’s all about you.

Till now I have tried everything to you make you laugh but now it’s difficult for me to even laugh for me,
Till now I have captured your every smile staring at you by turning corners of my eyes but now I wish to see everything in your eyes,
Till now I have waited in desire to have a look of you but now I just want to look into your soul,
I don’t know what it is but I am sure it’s all about you.

Till now I have been very intellectual but i am being treated like a fool,
Till now I have grasped everything written in my books but now I just see your face in my books,
Till now I had full concentration on me but now my all concentration turned towards you,
I don’t know what it is but I am sure it’s all about you.

Till now I have relentlessly running to accomplish predominance but I just want to run behind you,
Till now I have substantial ambitions but now I have only desires like to live with you, to smile with you,  to fight with you,to hug you, to eat with you and at last to die with you…
Dedicated to you my ‘world’… If you know what I mean……

Curse of being a girl.

I was born, all were cry,
sad smiles were every where,
he was born, all were happy,
ambience was filled with happy faces,
my life was cursed, his life was blessed,
realising the curse of being a girl.

I was not given proper care, he was  always taken in hands,
I was not given apt to eat, he was given more than required,
I was not given a single toy,
He was given whatever he wanted,
realising the curse of being a girl.

I was forced to work at home,  he was allowed to taste the lust,
they made me feel, I am a girl equivalent to venom,
they made him feel the audacity of being a boy,
they filled me with fear, they made him fearless,
realising the curse of being a girl.

He was allowed to go school,
I was not provided with even books,
he was allowed to have cars, bikes etc.
I was not provided with even a bicycle


He was given full chapati to eat and better bed to sleep,
I was given pieces of bread to eat and mattress to sleep on the floor,
realising the curse of being a girl.

Now when I have  become adult,
He has become monster,
I have  become decent,
He has become cruel,
I have become true human,
He has become rapist,
I am being humiliated in public,
He is being considered as a symbol of boldness,
I, being a real women, spit on such audacity which tears my heart, fierce my soul like a knife,
now realising, to whom I give birth is the only one who wants to kill me,
realising the curse of being a girl.

Without You

My life becomes slow without you,
I begin feeling mournful without you,
With the rise of every morning,
I rise  without you,
With the end of every night,
I die without you.

I try to make you facade,
My heart stops without you,
I still waits for you,
I request you to come and make me yours,
I can’t  live without you.

For me you are my world,
I want to live in your heart,
When you become sad,
My heart starts crying,
When you become happy,
I have nothing to lose,
The only thing I care for,
Is your smile,
I can’t  smile without you.

I live in the world of hallucinations Where I play with my dreams,
I restructure those dreams
Which strike  my heart,
You are the one who force me to dream
You are the one who let me alone in my dreams,
I can’t board the ship of my dreams without you.

I pray to the  chirping  birds,
I pray to the rising sun,
I pray to the running stars,
I request them to let you know,
What my heart feels for you, Please come back to me,
I can’t live without you.

Sleepless nights

When the lights switch off,
When the dreams comes into my eyes,
When the brain pretends stop thinking,
The one who comes into my heart is you.

When your fondle touch heals me,
When my heart starts pumping,
When your presence rejuvenates me,
The one I wish to be with, is you.

When your hand overlaps on mine, When your fragrance dilutes with mine,
When your happiness elopes my worries,
The one with whom I want to spent my life is you.

When you talks to me,
When you walks with me,
When you put my hand,
The one with whom I want to walk through my whole life is you.

When you remove curtains,
When you wake me up from sleepless nights,
When your hand gently touches my hairs, 
The one I want to see every morning is you.

The long lasting happiness

Happiness is desired by everyone who is living in this society. Being happy,  makes a person life’s easier, make him feel energetic, makes his life convenient to circumstances but to what extent can a person is happy. Life is a day consists of 24 hours including 12 hours of mournfulness and residual of being hilarious. This is the true tenet of life being understand by a few people who because of being optimistic think like this while if we analyse our society,  we come across with the persons always thinking of getting only happiness in their life. I don’t know why they can’t fathom the genuine and natural phenomena of life. I and you have come across with several anecdotals  when we find our friends,  relatives,  cousins, etc. trying to cope up with the harsh realities of life cursing their destiny,  God blaming other to be responsible for their situation. But if we view it closely,  it is only us who are responsible for the situation we are dealing with. It’s in toto useless to blame other. Always remember “life is what you make it”; it’s depends on us only how we take circumstances. The quality of being happy is being eloped but what required is to maintain happiness in our life by dealing necessarily with the circumstances.